About Us

The joint-stock company Strojchem, a.s. is a 100% subsidiary of Chemosvit, a.s. It is being split up into four divisions with four main business lines:

  • Machinery production
  • Chempack
  • Service
  • Foundry

Our company is a partner to several recognized multinational producers engaged in the production of printing machines, robotics, plastics processing machines, foods, automobiles, construction works and others.


  • processing of waste metal from chipping mills
  • repairs, tools sharpening, sheet supplies
  • design and production of assembly and fixing clamps
  • quality control (mechanical properties, 3D dimension control, certificates)
  • draft design documentation – rolls
  • technology consultancy – preparation of production steps
  • metallurgical material in stock
  • co-operation
  • micro-welding repairs, surface repairs
  • repairs and sharpening of tools and instruments for joinery
  • evaluation of mechanical properties of materials
  • evaluation of chemical structure of materials including the issue of a certificate
  • evaluation of material micro-structure
  • tensile test – uniaxial tension
  • impact test – Charpy hammer
  • hardness measurement – Brinell Withers Rockwell
  • thermal processing
  • analysis of chemical metal materials, steel and cast iron

- low-alloy steel
- medium-alloy steel
- high-alloy steel
- grey and ductile cast iron

Products by material:

Production of castings

  • Castings of GG 18/20/25/30 weighing up to 1500 kg
  • Castings of GG 45/52/60/30 Mn5/20Mn5 weighing up to 650 kg
  • Castings to DIN EN 1563: EN-GJS-350, EN-GJS-400 (GGG40), EN-GJS-500 (GGG50), EN-GJS-600 (GGG60), EN GJS-700 (GGG70) weighing up to 1400 kg

Supply of machined parts

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • plastics

Machining of customer supplied materials (GG, GGG, GS, ferrous and non-ferrous metals)

According to machining technology:

Cubic treatment (steel side plate, welds, castings, forged pieces)

  • 600 x 600 x 600 mm 20-200 pieces in a batch
  • 2000 x 2000 mm, 5-10 pieces in a batch

Cylinders, rotary components (steel, welds, castings, forged pieces)

  • Ø up to 600 “flanged” 20 – 200 pcs. in a batch in form of steel, forged pieces, castings
  • Ø up to 500, 4000 mm length, 5 – 50 pcs. in a batch in form of steel, forged pieces, castings
  •  chromium, rubber, nickel, zinc–plating and coating

Assembly groups (weighing up to 8 tonnes, small-lots of 5 – 10 pcs. including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic assembly and functional tests)

A more specific product range available in Division option of the menu

The company is a holder of following certificates:

  • STN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • STN EN ISO 3834 – 2:2006
  • STN EN ISO 14001:2005
  • ZSSK Cargo