Code of Ethics

Corporate culture gives sense to the life of organization thus contributing to meeting the set strategy.

The identity of the Strojchem Group draws on a set of values and rules representing its business fundamentals. These are monitored and observed by the company representatives. The employees are expected to understand the culture of their employer. Even the best proceedings and knowledge cannot be sufficiently applied unless they rely on the company culture and values.  

The set of principal values, rules and standards specifying non-permissible behaviour can be found in the document named Company Values and Ehics Code approved by the company Board and management. Observing the right, morals, and showing respect to other people are the main criteria of people´s reputation not only at their workplace, but in society in general.

In accord with the principles of this Code, the Strojchem Group shares information and values with its companies assuming that the ethics and corporate culture are being paid the same attention as the success of business itself. This document is binding for all employees. Everyone must be aware of his/her individual responsibility for the effectiveness of the system as a whole.