Corporate Values

Customer care

To know the market and to be able to foresee its development. To focus business activities on future demands and to actively search for opportunities to meet expectations of the customer, improve quality and added value that might be in demand.


Responsibility for results

To strive for reaching the set goals employing skills and responsibility for processes and activities in charge. To participate in defining objectives and evaluating fulfilment of tasks while respecting priorities as defined by the company management. To bear personal responsibility for their timeliness, correctness and completing. To gain a competitive edge in producing specific values.



To be honest, correct and true in informing about the results. To support equal opportunities in expressing one´s opinion and to disagree if an alternative solution exists. To accept a different view and be loyal in making changes resulting from a common strategy. To share information with all management levels. To respect morals, ethics, legal and internal standards and values of the company in acting and deciding.


Renovation and development

To search for more effective ways in making products, rendering services and employing methods. Not to settle for average solutions and to progressively respond to new challenges in everyday work. Through innovations in technology, system of management and work processes improve quality, use of labour force, manufacturing capacities, powers, raw materials and minimize negative impacts on human health, occupational safety and the environment.



Using consolidated efforts to enhance openness, tolerance and respect for colleagues, the company and the community. To co-operate with all organization levels in following common objectives. To appreciate individual efforts in overall running of the company. To improve efficiency of the system, minimize duplicate performances and follow the joint strategy.



To review the necessity of individual moves aiming at meeting customer demands and gaining a competitive edge. To take any decision bearing in mind the set goals. To use our best knowledge and facts to discern between the alternatives. To actively participate in raising professional competence and education level of our staff.