Quality Management System

System of QM and EMS

Policy of integrated management systems

Concept of QM and EMS management system at Strojchem, a.s., in Svit.

The strategic intention of the joint-stock company Strojchem involves the safe production of top quality products with minimum negative impacts on the environment. Following this intention, the company Board and management have adopted an active policy focusing not only on the company employees, but also on suppliers and other parties involved in Strojchem´s business. So as to reach these intentions, the company management undertake to apply the following principles:

1. Jointly for QMS, EMS and BOZP

- to jointly develop and improve the launched integrated system of management (ISR), to improve its efficiency using SW support so as to increase the effectiveness of the whole system

- to create conditions and sources to improve efficiency of the introduced integrated management system in tenders for the supply of products and services, to prefer suppliers with the launched management system respecting principles of quality, environmental protection and labour safety

- to enhance the level of quality, environmental friendliness, occupational safety and co-operation with employees, trade unions, state administration, local self-governments, and to employ available forms of internal and external communication

- with the participation of the company management to systematically document and review meeting the set objectives and ISR policy principles, to check and evaluate the conditions, results and efficiency of the management system, to immediately rectify the found defects and use the results of evaluation to improve the overall performance.

2. For QMS

- to safeguard permanent uniform quality of products from all production departments, to improve utility properties of products focusing on meeting the current or expected demands of customers, to optimize production technologies and systematically streamline services for the customer.

3. For EMS

- to adopt measures minimizing the risk of ecological accidents and their consequences

- to observe respective legal regulations and other rules related to environmental protection

- to reduce material and power demands of production so as to minimize demands for unrenewable natural resources.

4. For BOZP

In compliance with organization and working regulations to integrate and co-ordinate safety procedures as a part of responsibility of every employee for all fields of his/her decision-making powers, to secure continuous and streamlined searching and evaluation of risks endangering human life and health, to monitor potential points of accident, to adopt and implement measures to minimize their occurrence and to inform employees and other subjects of their existence.