Business line of CHEMPACK includes manufacturing and assembly of packaging machines, peripheral devices and automated packaging lines.

Sales offer:

-  Continually working horizontal packaging machines of the “flow-pack” type - packing of various types of solid food and non-food products

-  Packaging machines BH-07 BaR, BH-08 BaR - flexibility of parameters adjusting given by a programmable computer controlling

-  Packaging machine BH-11 BaR - segment solution of longitudinal and crosswise seals and better setting and cleaning options

Th horizontal packaging machines BH-07 BaR, BH-08 BaR, BH-10 BaR

-  Continually working, computer-controlled machines which are suitable for the customers with the wide range of packed products or with an often change of packed product, where their flexibility is demonstrated

-  Parameter setting is solved through the "touch screen" contact display.

-  Program equipment of machine enables to choose the communication language- German, English, Polish, Russian and Hungarian language.

-  it is possible to program up to 99 products.

-  Designed for semi-automatic or automatic packaging lines where it is possible to communicate with various technological devices.

-  Suitable for packing of products with regular shapes and convenient solidity:

-  Food products (e.g. waffles, chocolate, gingerbreads)

-  industrial products (e.g. soap, bandages)

-  It is possible to pack the products on underlayment and also in boxes

Peperipheral devices:

-  An inert gas applicator for the extension of the products´ durability (cheese, strudels etc.)

-  Establishing into weld (a device for placing of film which overlaps the outline of product´s width; it is significant for high, regular products where it improves the product´s look and its specification inside the package.

-  Date-determinators (tape, dry touch rotation matrix, ink-jet)

Papackaging materials:

-  Thermically weld able films ( on the PP base)

-  Combined films (on the PP base with the combination of PE, PET, PP, Al etc.)

-  Cold weld closable films

-  Films can be transparent, metalized, with or without printing